Community outreach is how we spread the message of STEM and FIRST throughout our community. This year for our outreach, we have decided to reach out to the underserved portion of the city and provide them with the opportunity to experience FIRST firsthand. So far this year, we have mentored team 8424 E-Cubed and have helped run an FLL scrimmage at our local highschool. Also, we hosted the largest FTC Kick-Off party in the world at our school. In addition to these three items, many members of our team set up a booth at the ATX Thanksgiving Lunch and enabled the underprivileged kids of Austin to experience some of the wonders of STEM. All though our team conducted these outreach events, we decided that our current level of involvement weren't enough. In order to get even more involved, our team elected to go to a local elementary school and teach future engineers about basic circuitry. The trip was a wild success with students interacting and learning while also having fun. At the end of our time in the classroom, our team let the children scrawl their names on the sides of our robot in chalk. These names are still on our robot today and remind us of what we have done to help others.