Hardware is the largest subgroup on our team and they do a sublime job of maintaining and building the robot. One thing that we have done different this year is that our team has switched to REV. REV is a lightweight, space efficient building platform and because of its efficiency, our robot this year is capable of scoring balls in the center vortex and can cap the ball in endgame as well. Our launcher is a kinetic launcher that propels the ball using four sets of two wheels. These wheels are geared for speed to enable us to launch the ball at a high enough velocity to enable it to reliably function, even on low battery. Our manipulator is made out of soft foam which enables it to pick up balls quickly and also pick them up from corners. The manipulator also has a two ball storage capacity and contains a 'gate' to keep balls from accidentally being launched. When endgame comes around, our robot is outfitted with a slim cap ball lift that is located on the very back of the robot. The "prongs" that hold the ball flip out from the sides of the robot to conserve much-needed space. The lift is strung with high-quality braided kevlar that is guaranteed to not snap unless under ungodly amounts of force. The drivetrain of our robot utilizes four motors to power six wheels, two stealth in the middle and four Omni wheel pairs on the corners. This drivetrain setup assists our robot in making quick turns while still providing reliable and quick straight-line driving. There are also many 3D printed parts on the robot which serve a wide range of purposes from spools to a custom-fit battery mount.