Software is what allows the robot to act autonomously and respond to a driver's input. Our software has a reputation for excellence after winning control award at the Alamo South Super Regional and advancing to the world championship and we plan on continuing that legacy. This year we currently have a ninety point autonomous on both red and blue sides and use a range of sensors from color sensors to an IMU. The IMU is a crucial part of our code as we utilize the sensory input from it to allow us to use P control and make sure that we get to the right position. To aid the IMU, we have multiple color sensors positioned around the robot which assist in lining up to the beacon and reading the beacons colors. As well as having a great autonomous, our software has come up with various aids for our drivers during the teleoperational period. One of these many assists is that our code contains a special battery algorithm that detects the battery level and adjusts the launchers power accordingly which greatly increases our launchers reliability and reduces time wasted to manually adjust the speed.